Addicted to Outrage - Spokane FAVS Commentary

Everytime you turn around there is another controversy. There seems to be always something people are getting angry or offended at. It makes me wonder if we have become so addicted to outrage that we constantly need another dose, another hit, to make us feel good. But where does that leave us in the end?
In my latest piece on Spokane FAVS, I discuss our addiction to outrage.

The Uncivil War We Wage - Spokane FAVS Commentary

Does the world feel a little less civil to you. If news coverage is any indication, than our most basic interactions have devolved to shouting down and offering demeaning comments to each other. In my latest piece, I talk about the not-so-silent war raging in our communities and in the nation.

Chris Pratt Talks God, Faith at MTV Awards - Spokane FAVs Commentary

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In my latest Spokane FAVS piece I cover Chris Pratt's MTV award speech.

Mastering of Our Own Words - Spokesman Review Article

In my latest article in the Spokesman Review, I take a few minutes to talk about the mastering of our own words and how difficult it can be.

Teen and Kid Closet providers stylish clothes for homeless, those in foster care - Spokane FAVS Article


Alfie Evans - Should the State get to decide when someone dies? - Spokane FAVS Commentary

In my latest piece, I take a look at the tragic case of Alfie Evans, a young child from England who became the center of a legal battle between the hospital, the State, and his parents. When I wrote this, Alfie was still alive and fighting. I'd be lying if that statement didn't bring a pang of guilt to my heart, as I intended to write about his case much sooner than I had. It was only the next morning  after submitting my article to Spokane Faith and Values, that my wondeful editor informed me that Alfie had indeed passed away. This young warrior is now free of his mortal frame and in the loving arms of his eternal Heavenly Father.
Alfie Evans - Should the State get to decide when someone dies?

Vulgar language can hurt your relationship with God - Spokane FAVS Commentary

In our divided socio-political landscape, one need look no further than our daily interactions to see that our language is filled with vulgarity, name calling, back-biting, gossip, half-truths and untruths.
In my latest commentary I take a look at how our language can create a barrier between each other and from the divine.