Vulgar language can hurt your relationship with God - Spokane FAVS Commentary

In our divided socio-political landscape, one need look no further than our daily interactions to see that our language is filled with vulgarity, name calling, back-biting, gossip, half-truths and untruths.
In my latest commentary I take a look at how our language can create a barrier between each other and from the divine.

It is finished - Spokane FAVS Commentary

IT IS FINISHED. Possibly three of the most powerful words ever said. These three words represent one of the most important events in human history, namely the culmination of Jesus Christ’s atoning sacrifice upon the cross at Calvary. In my latest commentary, I talk about six of the most powerful words that have ever been spoken and their effect on mankind.

We Can Overcome the Darkness - Spokane FAVS Commentary

"Evil exists in the world. Evil was perpetrated in Florida in a heinous and senseless act. This isn’t a political or policy debate. This isn’t a left-right thing. This is a battle for the literal souls of humanity."
In my latest commentary, I look at what we can do in our own homes to combat darkness and evil.

Valentine's Day is Every Day - Spokane FAVS Commentary

"Let’s get real for a moment. If you are waiting until Valentine’s Day to do something special for your special someone, then you’re doing something wrong."
In my latest commentary I offer some practical solutions to making every day Valentine's Day.

Faith on the Field - Spokane FAVS Commentary

In the midst of the controversy surrounding the NFL, it's the stories of faith on and off the field that often get under-reported, or not covered at all. In my latest commentary I talk about the faith of some of the Philadelphia Eagles players.

Disagreeing with others doesn't have to mean being disagreeable - Spokesman Review Commentary

I believe in hearty debate. Civil debate is the only thing that moves a society forward. 
In a recent article published in the Spokesman Review, I talk about our inability as a society to disagree properly and have a civil debtate.

How can people of faith help those suffering with depression and anxiety? - Spokane FAVS Commentary

Did you know 7% of U.S. adults suffer from depression? What about the 44% of college students that are said to suffer from depression? Did you know that suicide is one of the leading causes of death for college students? Why are the numbers so staggering? And what can we do when someone we love experiences symptoms of anxiety and depression? In my latest commentary I take a look at anxiety and depression and try to come up with a few ways to help support and minister to those around us who may be suffering.