You're a failure, and that's ok - Spokane FaVS Commentary

You're a failure. There, I said it. Guess what? It's okay, so am I. We've been so conditioned to believe that failure equals worthlessness, but that is utter garbage. So take that thought and throw it away. Those who have achieved greatness in any given field or activity would have never made it without first being failures. In my latest commentary I examine failure and its presence in our everyday lives.

The Death of a Prophet - Spokane FAVs Commentary

My latest commentary on Spokane FAVS. A reflection on the passing of Thomas S. Monson.

Can't We All Just Disagree? - Spokane FaVS Commentary

Check out my latest commentary on Spokane Faith & Values.

In the commentary, I take take a stab at understanding why we as a society can't agree to disagree anymore.

Spokane FAVs Commentary

Exciting news! I am now a contributor for Spokane Faith and Values and will be writing commentary for them. I will still continue to work on my novels, but this will provide a wonderful opportunity to continue to hone my writing skills and increase my exposure as an author.

Amazon Giveaway - The Immortal Nicholas

In the spirit of Christmas, I am hosting an Amazon Giveaway. From today until Dec. 1st, enter to win an ebook copy of NY Times Best-Selling Author, Glenn Beck's, "The Immortal Nicholas."

Just click the link below to enter.

The Last Goddess Print Copy

I'm so excited to say that most of the work is done on "The Last Goddess." Currently, I'm waiting on the print copy to come so I can review it. In the meantime I am working on some other projects. I've recently delved into some journalism and ghostwriting. But I am also working on other books that have been sitting on the back burner waiting for their turn to see the sunlight.

Indie Author Day

In celebration of Indie Author Day  on Saturday, October 14th, I will be making both STEALING ETERNITY and THE BROKEN QUEEN Free for the weekend, starting Friday. If you haven't had a chance to download the first two books in the trilogy, here's your chance.