Monday, October 8, 2012

Breaking Barriers

September ushered in my 30th year of life. And starting out my 30th year, I have already broken some barriers.

My wife surprised me with tickets to General Conference (this is our church's semi-annual conference, where we get to sit and listen to our Prophet, Apostles and other church leaders.) It is a very uplifting time of year.

Barrier #1 = Flight
To make it better, this was my first flight. That's right. I have never flown before. We took a Delta flight non-stop to Salt Lake City. It was so much fun and the first thing I remember telling Crystyne is "I want to fly one!" (The little Top-Gun loving boy inside of me was just leaping out of his seat.)

Barrier #2 = A New State
Suffice it to say that I have never been outside the borders of Washington, Idaho or Oregon. I know, I am sheltered. But Utah became my 4th state to visit. This may not seem like much to others but it is a major accomplishment for me. My thought in Utah is this, "Wow this place is square. I wish Spokane was laid out like this." (If you live in Spokane or have ever visited, you know what I mean.)

Barrier #3  = Cab Ride
Ok, a learning experience to say the least. We needed a way to get to our hotel. So we got a cab. Yep, never rode in one before. The guy took off before we were even buckled all the way, only said six words to us, charged us $20.00 for a 10 minute trip, tossed our bags on the ground in front of the hotel,  and then got mad because I didn't tip him. My bad, I thought you were supposed to give good customer service before you got a tip.

Barrier #4 = Temple Square/General Conference
Crystyne, Kinley and I got to visit Temple Square and tour around it. The rich tradition and history is amazing to me. We were privileged to get to go to the Saturday Afternoon Session of General Conference. The spirit was undeniably strong and testified to me that we were in the right place. Below is a picture of the Conference Center.

I will upload some pictures of my trip soon. So stay tuned.