Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Thoughts on Boston

It has taken me a while to formulate my thoughts, but here it goes. Yesterday was a sad day for America. When I first learned of the bombing at the Boston Marathon, I was shocked. This morning while listening to the radio, hearing some of the audio played back, I wept for the loss of innocent life. But even amidst the darkness and chaos of such a horrific event, there was light, there was hope for us as a people. While some ran away from the smoke, others ran towards it, disregarding their own safety to help. I have not seen such bravery since September 11th. In one instant, we were united once again. While some commentators tried to politicize this tragedy, most, if not all Americans united together. There were no competing ideologies, no divisiveness, only brother helping brother and sister helping sister, only pure love. One act of terrorism will not break us. We are Americans. We stand beside those who were affected, united in purpose and prayer. We will not cower to the cowardly acts of a psychopath. Yesterday I saw both the bad part of man and the good part of man, and the good will always outweigh the bad. I once heard Mr. Rogers say, "Look for the helpers." I saw them yesterday. God bless them. God bless those whose lives have been affected by this horrendous act. My prayers are with Boston.