Friday, November 16, 2018

Leading Saints, Ministering, and Panel Discussions

It has been somewhat of a whirlwind couple of weeks. Two weeks ago I was privileged to be able to be minister for a day at Wilbur Community Church, you can read about that here. It was such a neat experience for my family.

On Wednesday of this week I was interview by Kurt Francom over at Leading Saints regarding what changes I've made in my own leadership as a result of their site and podcast. Then after some discussion about me writing for This Week in Mormons, he asked if I wanted to possibly come write some articles for Leading Saints. How cool is that? Seriously though, if you are a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, this podcast and site have so much to offer and you should check it out here.

This Week in Mormons covered one of my latest pieces "Do we truly preach of Christ." in their podcast this week. You can hear the podcast here and they talk about my article about the 47:30 mark. I am thrilled to be writing for them and thankful that Geoff has given me this opportunity to be a part of their team.

Coming up I will be participating in a panel discussion for Spokane Faith and Values on "Breaking Out of Our Own Echo Chambers." Tracy, the editor, asked me to participate after I wrote an article called "We Need to Bridge the Divide."