About Jeff

I was born and raised in the beautiful Inland Northwest. It’s funny, I always remember reading, but nothing really hit me as hard, or had as much impact as the first time I picked up a Dragonlance novel. Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman made something that sunk deep into me and gave me a real thirst for the fantasy genre. It didn’t matter after that who wrote it, I would read it; from C.S. Lewis, to J.R.R. Tolkien.

This love of reading was just the right segway to a a hobby in writing. In fact many of the ideas for my books came from the time that my brother and I would spend with role-playing games. But I found I wasn’t satisfied with just making up small stories. I wanted to do something bigger. Why not write a book? Easy right? Well, 

I learned quickly that it definitely took a lot of work and effort to finish my first novel Archaic. And though it will never be published, it gave me an idea of what I needed to do to be successful as an author. Three quarters of the battle is just sitting down and writing. Most of the creativity for my books comes while in the process of writing.

So, what makes my writing different from other fantasy authors?

My main focus when I write is the question; "Can I share this with my kids?" I find too many books, movies and media are steeped in inappropriate material, and it's hard for parents and families to wade through the muck to find something the whole family can be comfortable sharing. 

Today I find that if my books pass the litmus test of my own wife and children, I’m probably on the right track. And it’s in large part due to the loving support of my wife, that I’m able to do what I love to do.