The Diamond War Trilogy

In the thriving port city of Trista, Kyra Noelle - a young teal-eyed thief - struggles to survive. But her latest score – a rare blue diamond – could change everything. The jewel’s wealth alone should be enough to buy her safety in a faraway land.

But she’s a Teal – enemy of the Church Eternal – and life could never be that easy. Especially when that jewel belongs to the Church. Especially when that jewel is the key to unleashing a devastating weapon.

Hunted not only for her eye color, but the jewel which she now possesses, Kyra Noelle holds the power which could save the world, or destroy it.

In the northern city of Ebondark, something ancient and powerful stirs the heart of Kyra Noelle.

The diamond that she believed would be the answer to her life on the street, has only led to questions and death. Nothing would bring greater pleasure than to cast her old life aside and disappear forever, but she knows the threat that the Church Eternal poses.

With the power of the diamond, the Church can fully resurrect the Ageless One and her Shadowborn army
. If the world stands any chances of survival; Kyra must push past her grief and pain, embrace the power inside her, and become the queen she was always meant to be.

She must not waver. 

For herself. For her people. For Feyora.

Kyra Noelle's goal is simple, destroy a goddess.

In the city of Bearn, Kyra and her rag-tag army, tend to their wounds, bury their dead, and make a desperate plan to save Feyora from the darkness that is quickly overtaking it.

But in order to defeat Aloxia, Kyra needs more than the Teal-born at her side. She needs to discover how to harness the true power of the Archements, a discovery that could destroy her in the process.

In the heat of battle, the heart of a queen is forged in blood and steel.

Death may come, destruction may reign, but she will never surrender.

She will keep fighting.

Until the last goddess falls.